Benefits of Using a Broker

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Unique Finance and Property Solutions is a boutique financial advisory firm that has expertise in helping their clients maximise their net worth by focusing on managing both assets and liabilities.

Our Finance Solutions provides advice on tax-effective loan structuring, debt planning, lender selection & negotiation for home or investment home loans, commercial property loans, business and equipment leasing and finance. Read more about the benefits of using a Broker to navigate the thousands of products, packages and options.

Our Property Solutions provides honest, independent, commission-free advice on all matters relating to the purchase of residential, commercial or rural property. What is a Buyer's Agent? Good question, Read more about how an agent working for the buyer can make your next property purchase easier.

We are advisors that will take the time to discover your needs, provide unbiased and personalised advice then develop an ongoing advisory relationship with you.

Evidence that we're the best at what we do...

  1. Over 70% of new clients come from referrals.
  2. We have the experience to help you reach your goals.
  3. You'll benefit from our team approach, not just one, which ensures you consistently receive top quality advice now and ongoing.
  4. Our primary focus is on the right advice, not product..
  5. We'll proactively contact you at least annually to review your situation.
  6. All members of our team undertake at least 96 hours of training per year to ensure we continually bring you smart ideas and opportunities.

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