For those looking to do the majority of the leg work themselves but are needing some advice and guidance through the process, we do offer some service individually. These include:

Individual Property Reports

This report includes physical inspection of the property together with a Competitive Market Analyse to provide you with guidance on the current market value of the property.

Auction Bidding

Attending and bidding at an Auction can be a daunting processing so by engaging Unique you can transfer the stress and anxiety onto us. We will meet with you prior to the auction to determine your thoughts on it's value. We will speak briefly with the vendor's agent to determine the level of interest in the property.

We can attend the auction on your behalf with or without you in attendance with communications via phone if required.

Construction and Property Development Support Service

After many years of constructing homes, we have the systems in place to help you locate a builder, architect and other industry professionals required to complete your project.

We can provide advice on the suitability of the style and construction of the project for its future purpose i.e. resale.

Once construction is commenced we will inspect the site, liaise with your builder and communicate it's progress weekly. The complete a thorough quality assurance report at completion. If required, we can also arrange for a qualified builder to complete a structural report as well.

Renovations and Transformations

Increase your investment returns by renovating your property. This service is popular for people wanting to resell their purchase for profit or to enhance their rental returns from an existing property.

We provide objective advice to ensure you get the best financial result from your renovation by advising from an investment (not emotional) perspective. We can effectively manage the whole project from getting quotes from the required trades, to supervision of the completion of the project.

This means that you can maximise your investment dollar and avoid the stress and uncertainty of managing your own renovation.

Want to know more about the individual services offer by Unique Finance and Property Solutions, Contact us now.